Pioneering the Future of Crypto Accessibility

Explore the game-changing solution significantly accelerating crypto purchases and providing access to crypto for everyone.

For Native and Non-native Crypto Users

At Kryptonim, we aspire to drive the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies. We strongly contribute to the industry revolution by delivering solutions that enable straightforward and user-friendly payments. Our goal is to unlock crypto payments for both individuals and businesses and make the world of digital assets accessible and secure.

Fostering Transparency in the Cryptocurrency Culture

Transparency, innovation, and security of interactions are our priorities. Our mission is to actively shape a culture that simplifies crypto purchases and to empower users and partners to navigate the complexities of the cryptocurrency world with confidence.

Backed by a leading Venture Builder

Kryptonim is a portfolio company of Daftcode, one of the leading venture builders in the EU. We create tech startups – from the very concept through development up to market launch.
Daftcode co-founded and invested in numerous businesses serving customers worldwide. Learn more about us at daftcode.com